Mama Gansa si la alcanza!

Mama Gansa Si La Alcanza!

Parent-Child SmilesWould you like to program for Spanish speaking library visitors, even if you do not speak Spanish?

Learn how to incorporate the structure, formula, and principles of Mother Goose on the Loose into a Spanish language program while helping to build community.

  • Expand upon the standard MGOL training with translated English-language classics and traditional Spanish rhymes
  • Explore issues of cultural and linguistic sensitivity
  • Learn how to partner with a Spanish-speaking community member if you do not speak Spanish, in order to plan and present quality sessions together
  • Experience a Mother Goose on the Loose program that can be customized for any bilingual community
  • Discover innovative ways to motivate, encourage, and involve young English language learners

MGOL training workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your target audience. Materials purchased in bulk for workshops will be provided for a discounted price.