Reaching Our Youngest Children and Their Families: Early Literacy in the NICU with MGOL Goslings

Reaching Our Youngest Children And Their Families: Early Literacy In The NICU With MGOL Goslings

This unique and interactive workshop provides an opportunity for those who work with children and families in libraries, early childhood settings, and hospitals to reach families with in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).Goslings Training

Future Goslings facilitators receive the tools and information needed to run this specialized, early language and literacy program for parents of premature babies in the NICU.  Topics include the signals given by babies and how they can be interpreted, and helping parents and caregivers enhance the fragile premature baby/adult bond. Participants are given guidelines for finding a MGOL Goslings champion to partner with, along with a list of questions that need to be answered before tweaking Goslings to fit their unique NICU. Participants will also receive an exclusive MGOL Goslings handbook which includes songs and rhymes appropriate for NICU babies.

(*with Dr. Betsy and Dr. Brenda Hussey-Gardner)

Please specify if the workshop is for librarians or museum staff, or for in-house hospital staff such as nurses, child-life specialists, social workers, doctors, speech therapists, OTs, cuddlers, etc.

MD and DC restriction: Port Discovery Children’s Museum, an original Goslings partner, is the sole provider of the Goslings program within MD and DC. Other institutions and/or entities within MD and DC are restricted from offering the program outside of an agreement with Port Discovery Children's Museum. Anyone wishing to deliver the Goslings program within MD and /or DC must contact Port Discovery Children's Museum for fee schedules and program delivery information:  Barb Henschel, Port Discovery Community Outreach Manager, at 410-864-2683 or

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