Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Storytime to Build Children’s Math Skills

Tips And Tricks For Enhancing Storytime To Build Children’s Math Skills

(with Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen and Dr. Erica Zippert)*

BetsyDiamant-Cohen and Erica Zippert
Strengthen healthy development of the WHOLE child (i.e., early literacy, math readiness skills, self-esteem and self-regulation) through nursery rhymes and songs!

In this unique presentation by a children’s librarian/trainer and a child development researcher, cutting edge research findings on child development will be presented and translated into easy to learn, easy to use, and easily adaptable rhyming and singing activities. Ways to adapt popular nursery rhymes and children’s songs to emphasize school readiness skills will be discussed, with selected rhymes performed as a group. Participants work together in pairs to identify different early literacy, math, & social/emotional skills emphasized by existing rhymes and songs and brainstorm ways to adapt them to emphasize additional skills.


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