Mother Goose on the Loose has many long-term benefits:

  • Strengthens parent-child bonding, which leads to a healthy social/emotional foundation and healthy brain development
  • Builds children's vocabulary in joyful ways, which makes communication and learning to read easier
  • Teaches listening, sharing and self-regulation; these are all important skills to have for a civil society
  • Creates community among the parents and caregivers who attend, leading to a support system centered around early literacy development

MGOL at the Lincoln Library

Mother Goose on the Loose benefits libraries, as libraries can:

  • Attract parents with babies to come to the library
  • Apply for early childhood funding based on the presence of this program in their library
  • Offer a recognized high-quality early literacy program for children from birth to age 3 with their parent or caregiver
  • Facilitate community partnerships with libraries, schools, and early learning centers