MGOL for Preschoolers

I recently completed a 5 week series of MGOL sessions for some Baltimore County preschoolers and their parents, at a local early childhood center. In addition to having a great time, the power of MGOL to change family dynamics was still evident.  Parents were asked to fill out surveys after the program finished; here are some of the answers to the question, "What have you learned from the Mother Goose on the Loose program?"

To interact along with the child helps them because they see that mom or dad is participating as well

MGOL is the school cafeteria with lots of preschoolers and their parents

[I] learned to be more patient with my daughters

...their comfort levels with groups and getting involved.

To interact, play, sing more with my daughter

The singing can change their moods.

I learned new ways to help the children interact with each other.

 New words to songs

I've learned to increase movement during reading and singing.

And in response to the questions "What new thing did you notice or learn about your child during Mother Goose on the Loose sessions?" some of the answers included:

[She] likes to observe before getting involved

She is a little timid of stuffed animals; she loves other children

She is available to clean her toys by following a song, to change from a very active moment to quiet moment by using song.

His leadership skills.

She's more open and participates more.

Listening skills improved.

He was following directions.

Lots of new vocabulary words.

He started participating actively in group activities.

She was more outgoing and willing to put some distance between her and I.

Much more vocal in singing and dancing

My favorite answer, when asked, "Any other comments?" one mother answered:

We appreciate that we were available to come to this group. It has have a great impact on myself and my daughter and the way I can spend time with her learning.