Free Nursery Rhyme App Promotes Parent/Child Learning Through Play

Free Nursery Rhyme App Promotes Parent/Child Learning Through Play 

November 14, 2013, Birmingham, AL – “Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose,” a new nursery rhyme/flannel board app for the iPad, is designed to help librarians, parents and other caregivers foster curiosity and a love of learning in young children. Developed by Software Smoothie, the app is based on Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen’s award-winning early literacy program, long offered in public libraries throughout the country. It is available at no cost from iTunes.

Featuring nursery rhyme illustrations and sound recordings from the library series, “Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose” is a tool that will stimulate young imaginations. Together, children and caregivers are able to help Bo Peep track down her lost sheep, lead Jack and Jill up and down the hill, jump two Little Monkeys on and off the bed, and more. (

“Technology and new media, used carefully and in moderation, can enhance, rather than replace, other important ways of learning,” explains Dr. Diamant-Cohen. “This software, consistent with the Mother Goose on the Loose philosophy, encourages parent/child interaction.”

“’Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose’ brings traditional Mother Goose rhymes to 21st century learning for children, educators and parents,” notes Jackie Bryla, Speech Language Pathology Assistant and founder of ACT – Apps Consultation and Training. “Parents and educators alike can enjoy this app along with children. Sing songs, tap along with fun musical instruments, visually experience concepts like up / down with the felt board pieces and corresponding rhyme. It is an excellent and well thought out app that is sure to be pleasing to any user.”

Inspiration for the software originated with children’s librarian Cen Campbell, founder of, a website dedicated to helping libraries incorporate digital media into their early literacy programming.   She had conducted Mother Goose on the Loose workshops for years, using Software Smoothie’s original felt board application.

Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen, creator and executive director of Mother Goose on the Loose, has been developing educational programs for infants and toddlers since the early 1980s. She has published seven books on early literacy and school readiness, and her highly innovative teaching methods recognize the importance of developing the “whole child.”

Software Smoothie developers Mindy and David Douglas saw a natural connection between their goal of creating fun and educational, family-friendly apps that are developmentally appropriate and Mother Goose on the Loose.  Software Smoothie follows best practice guidelines for children’s apps and especially appreciates apps that encourage parents and children to explore and create together.