Focus group


Yesterday was a great Mother Goose on the Loose Day. We held a focus group at the Rosedale Library to get feedback on a new Mother Goose on the Loose planning tool. The session was magnificent and the feedback was invaluable. Thanks to all of the librarians and storytime presenters who participated, as well to Kathryn for her wonderful skills in organization and facilitation.

To make a great day even better, I also discovered that School Library Journal reviewed the newly produced Spanish/English MGOL CD: Escucha y disfruta con Mama Gansa. It’s the first time any of the MGOL CD’s have been reviewed. Getting the Spanish just right was my goal; since there are so many different versions of Spanish and choices of translations, I worked hard to insure that all of the translations were accurate, usable by all, and sung by the perfect singer. And I am delighted to say the review actually singles out the translations as well as the two singers, Evelio Mendez and Rahel, for praise. See the review below and smile!


Escucha y disfruta con Mama Gansa: Listen, Like, Learn with Mother Goose. 2 CDs. 49:14 min. with lyric booklet. Prod. by Mother Goose on the Loose. Dist. by 2009. $29.95. PreS-K-These 49 child (and teacher) friendly songs and activities in both English and Spanish have been written or adapted by Canadian music educator Barbara Cass-Begg. The brevity of the songs (some only 40 seconds for both English and Spanish versions) make these ideal for very young children as well as for “sponge” activities during (or just prior to) transition times. Some of the songs come from the English tradition (“Eency Weensy Spider,” for example) and some (“Bate, bate chocolate”) from the Spanish. In both cases, the translations are informed and accurate, using as close to a generic Spanish as can be employed while still respecting rhythm and flow, and fitting the English well to the tunes when the translation is from Spanish. Evelio Mendez’s Spanish renditions are clear, expressive, and engaging. Rahel, an Israeli singer and early childhood educator, has a clear, informal style that is instantly comforting. Preschool and kindergarten children will respond positively to these singable rhymes, whether familiar or not.-Ann Welton, Helen B. Stafford Elementary School, Tacoma, WA


Also, if any blog readers have listened to this CD and have great things to say about it, feel free to send a review to!