Everyone should sing to their children, no matter how well they sing. To a child, the parent’s voice is the most beautiful sound of all. 

This is something I say in all of my workshops.  Today I was rereading some Barbara Cass-Beggs material, and I found this quote in her book, To Listen, To Like, To Learn.

Today, because we hear so much good singing on records and on the radio, we are much more conscious of how beautiful a trained voice can sound, and therefore much more conscious of our own vocal short-comings. However, cheer up, for children do not expect a professionally trained voice, and quite often this feeling that you cannot hold a tune or cannot make your voice carry lies in your own mind. Sing, and the children will enjoy you, and the more you sing the better you will sing.” (p. 45)

Barbara’s book was published in 1974, but her words remain true. Even in the world of MP3 players and playlists, there is nothing in the world better to a baby than his or her mother’s voice.