The basic Mother Goose on the Loose program seamlessly combines music, movement, art, picture books and puppets in a fun way while helping introduce nursery rhymes to young children. This program develops early literacy and school readiness skills in young children. A typical session of Mother Goose on the Loose lasts 30 minutes but can be formatted to fit the needs of individual groups; designed to encourage participants to listen, to like, and to learn during storytime. Learn more about the basic program.

MGOL at the Govans Branch Library
Gloria Bartas during a MGOL program at the Govans Library, doing “Humpty Dumpty” as a knee bounce.

Originally designed for children from birth to age two accompanied by parents or caregivers in a library setting, Mother Goose on the Loose has been successfully adapted for a wide range of audiences and has been presented in many settings. Learn more about MGOL Adaptations.

Two other MGOL programs specifically developed to meet the needs of new and young families are MGOL: Hatchlings and MGOL: Goslings:


MGOL Hatchlings, a 2-part expansion of the Mother Goose on the Loose program. Hatchlings: Ready to Hatch is for expectant parents and Hatchlings: In the Nest is for parents of newborns. Hatchlings sessions empower parents by providing informal instruction about child development, giving a repertoire of songs and rhymes to share with babies, and modeling age-appropriate play-based early literacy practices. Learn more here.

MGOL Goslings is for adult family members with babies in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). The parent education provided supports parental bonding and prepares parents with skills for interpreting their baby’s signals and interacting appropriately with their medically fragile babies while fostering their early language and literacy skills. Learn more here