New books and an interview

I am delighted to announce that two new books of mine have been published by ALA Editions.  The first one is an update of my original MGOL Manual and the second is called Mother Goose on the Loose: Here, There, and EverywhereIt describes the wonderful adaptations and variations that have been made using the Mother Goose on the Loose method, for presenting programs in schools, hospitals, food pantries, prisons, Early Headstarts, school classrooms, refugee housing, etc.

Also, to publicize the books, ALA Editions published a fun interview called ” After more than 20 years, Mother Goose is still on the loose: an interview with Betsy Diamant-Cohen.”

If you are going to attend the ALA Annual conference, please stop by my session on Friday, June 21 from 3:00- 4:00 for “Updating and Adapting Mother Goose on the Loose: A Hands-on Presentation” in the Washington Convention Center,  room 152A.

Also, please join us on Monday, June 4 from 9:00 am – 10:00 am for “Reaching Vulnerable Families through Collaborative Partnerships” in the  Washington Convention Center,  room 146A.