MGOL Pop-up Session

Welcoming Comments

Introductions and rules


Rhymes and Reads: Opening Songs

Old Mother Goose

Two Little Pretty Birds

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Great Big Spider ( Spider Puppet and Spider Kisses)

Read Aloud Book: Freight Train by Donald Crews (As we turn the pages we make the sound of a train.)


Body Rhymes

We Hit the Floor Together

Eye Winker, Tom Tinker

Fingers Like to Wiggle Woggle

Round and Round the Garden Goes the Teddy Bear

I’m a Little Tea Pot


Knee Bounces

Humpty Dumpty

Smooth Road, Bumpy Road

Mother and Father and Uncle John


Drum Sequence

Rum Pum Pum This is My Drum

We are Marching to the Drum

We are Tip Toeing to the Drum

Handy Spandy Sugar and Candy

Animals (Book)

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carl (Sing I Went to Visit the Farm One Day)

(Stuffed Animals)       

When the Cow Gets Up in the Morning (followed by pig, sheep, duck, rooster, dog)

Hickory Dickory Dare!


Musical Instruments and Scarves: Bells    

We Ring Our Bells Together

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Going to Kentucky

Bells Away


Musical Instruments and Scarves: Scarves           

Wind, Oh Wind


Scrunch Your Scarves into a Ball

This is the Way We Wash Our Feet

Scarves Away



You Are My Sunshine


Interactive Flannel Board Activity

Humpty Dumpty


Closing Section

Can You Kick With Two Feet

We’re So Happy Everyone Was Here

Closing Remarks and Thank you!