Jingle Jangle Music Time Music List

Condiments (other good songs to use in JJMT):


Let’s Go Fly a Kite (colored scarves)

Popcorn by Gershon Kingsley

Mexican Hat Dance (use castanets, but put them on the floor and tap them shut to make sounds)

Little Richard’s version of “Itsby Bitsy Spider”  (on From Our Children – use plastic spiders or yarn pieces as spiders)

“Love Me Tender” – Elvis Presley

“Love song of the Kangdilin” from China (play with floating scarves)

Ariang, a lovely song from Korea (dancing)

Palo, Palo (with maracas – dance and sing along) 

“Turkey in the Straw”

“Rig A Jig Jig” ( by Sharon, Lois and Bram – dancing)

“Shake My Sillies Out” – Raffi

“What shall we do with a little baby? (Tune of “Drunken Sailor”) Hug her and kiss him and tickle his tummy…

“My Little Bird” by Elizabeth Mitchell

My Grandfather’s Clock – used with shaky eggs (from Sticky Bubble Gum)

Let’s Go Fly a Kite (used with a set of scarves) – from “Musical Scarves and Activities”

Sally the Swinging Snake – used with a set of jointed plastic snakes from the Party Store (Hap Palmer)

“Walter the Waltzing Worm” (with worms made of yarn)

“Put Your Hands Up in the Air” (following directions from Hap Palmer’s So Big: Activity Songs for Little Ones)

“How Much is that Doggie in the Window” (ring bells to the beat to this song by the Persuasians)

“Listen to the Horses” on Raffi’s More Singable Songs    (Hold your scarf like reins and ride to the fair)

“Little Red Caboose” (shake chickitas on “Toddler Sings”)

“Bobby Shaftoe” (ring bells along with this song on “Step by Step Skipping Songs”)

“Rock and Roll Freeze Song” by Hap Palmer (dance and freeze)

“Bellybutton” by Heather Bishop (with chickitas, slow and fast)

I Know a Chicken (call and response song with egg shakers by Laurie Berkner)