The Basic Program

The basic Mother Goose on the Loose program was designed for children from birth to age 3 with their parents or caregivers to promote the development of the Whole Child, to enhance parent/child bonding, and to provide a joyful early literacy environment that focuses on learning through play. It uses a variety of activities, such as rhymes, songs, puppets, a flannel board and felt pieces, books, and musical instruments to foster speech development, early language and math skills,  motor coordination, imagination, exploration, self-confidence, and sensitivity to others.

Composed of ten consecutive sections, the basic program utilizes a formula of 80% repetition from week to week combined with a plethora of songs and rhymes that build vocabulary and other literacy skills, games that help practice stopping, opportunities for receiving positive reinforcement and developmental tips for caregivers.  The centerpiece is a flannel board, and felt characters are used to represent almost every song or rhyme. Each song or rhyme has an activity to go with it, such as a fingerplay, a knee bounce, a guessing game, etc.  Only one very short picture book is read cover to cover; other books are used when the cover or an inside illustration is displayed to accompany the song/rhyme and activity that goes along with it.

The program is based on the LISTEN, LIKE, LEARN approach of Barbara Cass-Beggs, and many of her adapted and original songs are included.

  • Children under the age of three LOVE Mother Goose on the Loose because it is age appropriate and playful, includes experiences that build self-confidence, takes place in a safe and nurturing environment, activates many senses, ignites imagination, provides opportunities for play with other children, allows experimentation with musical instruments, colored scarves and other fun learning tools!
  • Parents and Caregivers LOVE Mother Goose on the Loose because it takes place in a non-judgmental atmosphere, incorporates playful and loving interactions with their children, teaches about child development through informal tips, introduces a wide variety of activities for children, brings them together with other adults in a social atmosphere, and gives the tools that enable them to feel confident in their role as their child’s first and best teacher.
  • Librarians, Daycare Providers, and other adults presenting programs for young children LOVE Mother Goose on the Loose because it is a research-based, early literacy program that is easy to plan and present. The underlying structure ensures quality while allowing the flexibility for each presenter to choose rhymes and songs to use in their own personal style. Each program includes 80% repetition, which means that planning for each program does not take much time, yet the results are stupendous!

The basic Mother Goose on the Loose is available in English, Spanish, and Hebrew. There is also an inclusive version for children with special needs. Plus, there are a multitude of adaptations to meet different audiences in a variety of settings.

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