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Planning and Presenting MGOL programs:

Become a MGOL facilitator by using these resources. Access background theories, explanations, formulas, sample programs, song lyrics, and more for MGOL, MGOL for Spanish speakers, and preschool storytime at the links below:  https://bookshop.org/lists/books-by-dr-betsy-diamant-cohen

Books to use in MGOL programs:

All of these books are great to use in MGOL programs: 


Choose songs and rhymes, and make felt characters from these wonderful collections:


These books work especially well with  premature babies and newborns:


Here are some of Betsy’s favorite preschool storytime books:


Muti-sensory books for young children:


Props for MGOL Programs:

MGOL programs always include some type of musical instrument whether it is bells, shakers, tambourines or other music makers. Colored scarves spark the imagination in many ways. Children love animal puppets and that’s why they are an integral part of MGOL. Find all these and more at the MGOL Amazon store:  URL to be determined

MGOL Gift Shop

If you love MGOL, you may want your children to wear MGOL bibs, babygros or pajamas. How about getting a MGOL mug for another MGOL family? Shop here for items with the official MGOL logos. http://www.cafepress.com/mgol 

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